• Promote the NLN mission and values to members and non-members.
  • Encourage member participation in NLN programs and activities:
  1. Motivate NLN members to submit scientific abstracts for the NLN Education Summit and conferences.
  2. Support researchers considering publication in the NLN research journal Nursing Education Perspectives.
  3. Help faculty access free and low-cost NLN teaching resources such as the Simulation Resource Action Center and the Advancing Care Excellence (ACE) programs specifically developed for vulnerable populations and their caregivers.
  4. Inspire members to apply for research grant funding.
  • Foster leadership within the NLN member community:
  1. Encourage member participation in NLN committees, elected office, and other volunteer opportunities.
  2. Recommend faculty for NLN awards celebrating research, teaching, clinical achievement, leadership, and humanitarianism.
  3. Promote professional development opportunities such as the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) credential, Leadership Institute programs, and fellowship in the Academy of Nursing Education.

​Download and print the
  Ambassador Office Door Sign   (PDF) for your office. The door sign helps your colleagues to know you are their NLN ambassador!